The Australian open prides itself as one of the most player-friendly Grand slams hosted throughout the year on an annual basis. The tournament has gone from the strength to strength and has come a long way since the 1900’s. It is now considered a true Aussie favorite when it comes to national sporting events being the center of interest for millions within Australia and around the world. It is not just considered a tournament but rather a gathering to celebrate one of the most beloved professional sports in the world today. One of the tournament’s primary aims is to draw as many people as possible to the sport while also facilitating towards the progression of the game, and it is on its way to doing so with recent announcements that a state-of-the-art player facility will be available for the 2019 tournament. A great deal of discussion has taken place between the management committee of the tournament, Tennis Australia and the players themselves to ensure that the best version of the tournament and sport is delivered to not only themselves but also to the general who pay good money to buy tickets and be a part of it all. This is a primary reason why the venue itself has good seating all around for the best view of the on-court action.

High-end Sponsors

The tournament has seen some high-end sponsors like KIA and Rolex associating themselves with the tournament, simply due to the high level of publicity generated by it. It is no secret that the Australian Open is not short of funding. We are talking about serious prize money for the players as well, which is strategically decided by all stakeholders involved to enhance the reputation of the tournament and to also attract more star players in the future. A well-funded event such as this creates its own publicity due to the money involved. Tennis Australia receives a significant proportion from its sponsors and this money is used to improve the game within the country and to further improve the standards of future tournaments.

Dining and Hospitality

Luckily for all fans, Australian Open tickets now offer special packages for dining and hospitality attached. Fans of the sport can now enjoy some of the best seating in the house with fine dining at their fingertips. I mean we are talking about a serious chance to spoil yourself while you watch some of the world’s best players battle it out for ultimate glory and immortality. This tournament takes place once a year, I mean why not? If you are a fan of the game then there is nothing better than watching the game live while having a scrumptious dinner to top it all off.

Lounge Access and Value additional services

The tournament has now lounge facilities to provide a much-needed service to those who like to watch the game in style. All these value added services like VIP Fan access have been introduced to take the tournament to the next level and of course there is a monetary objective behind it as well. One thing is for sure, the 2019 Australia Open will be an event to remember. Life is all about experiences, so what are you waiting for? Get those tickets now. An experience of a lifetime can be just a click away on the right site.