Golf has long been a coveted game; elegant, sophisticated and very relaxing, it is also a great deal of fun to try out, although admittedly it may not always seem that way to spectators. However, once you get to know the rules, it becomes a whole lot more interesting, and will definitely make you interested in playing at least once. On that note, if you or someone you know is planning to start off golfing for the first time, then these pointers will stand you in good stead and be useful when you are out there. Have fun! As long as you do not thwack someone over the head with a club accidentally, it will all be okay.

Practice Your Stance

You often see golfers spending some time shuffling back and forth on their feet, correcting themselves and then again measuring distance. This is because they are settling into the correct stance for the shot. The stance you see golfers in right before they hit the shot is the default stance in golf, and you must master this before anything else. Though there is nothing particularly complicated about it, if you already have posture issues, you may have complications. So make sure a professional watches over you until you get the hang of it. If your posture is wrong, you will not be able to aim properly.

Get To Know the Terminology

Once you are out on the golf course, everything will seem like another world, accompanied also, it would seem by another language. This is just golf lingo though, and if you are going to be spending time here, then you are going to have to learn it too. They will be used frequently all around, and could even be addressed to you, so if you are blank on them, you probably will have a hard time keeping up, and focus is everything in golf. For instance, what do you know about the Angle of Approach, Hole in One, Backswing or golfbuggys?

Start Small

Though you are understandably impatient to get out onto the course and let out your inner golf guru, it might be a better idea to start on a smaller scale, say at a range. Aside from having the flexibility of time there, you also have more privacy if you feel conscious about playing at a course with everyone watching. Once you get the hang of it out here, you can move onto the golf course, and put your chops to the test there.

Get a Professional

Unless your spouse or friend is a professional in golf themselves, do not enlist anyone to help you other than an expert. You want to ensure that your foundation is well-established, as you need to perfect your posture and swing style, which is from the hips and not the upper body. This is a mistake many people make, and when done repeatedly can cause injuries. A professional can help you figure out your weak points and correct them accordingly.